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Sikkim has four distinct seasons.

The Winter Season begins from December and lasts until the end of February, though in the high altitudes above 3000m, winter can extend till the beginning of May.

The Spring comes early, sometimes by late February or early March and lasts till early May. The flowering season also begins with the onset of spring and is in full bloom in April and May.

The Summer Season and the monsoon starts in mid May and lasts till the end of September.

The Autumn season starts in October and carries on till mid December. The days are clear and sunny and nights, crisp and cold.

The average temperature in Gangtok is:

Summer: Max. 25°C Min. 12°C

Winter: Max. 15°C Min. 2°C

We advise our guests visiting Sikkim to carry warm clothing as temperatures will fluctuate depending on the altitude while driving around or at a halt in and around Sikkim.